By Goran Siric on 10/13/2011 10:04 AM

Here you can download simple program I made for keeping my DNN site alive. 

By Goran Siric on 9/27/2011 11:01 AM

Today I tried to add Recent blog entries blog module part to my Blog page and have got following error:

A critical error has occurred. An unexpected error has occurred

See how I solved this error.

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Re: GIMP script for creating Android icons at once
Wow, thanks! I tried to hack your original script to add it in there but I don't know anything about script-fu and it ended up horribly.
Just a couple of notes: the ouya name and location matters so I changed it to:

(set! newName (string-append folder "/drawable-xhdpi/ouya_icon.png"))
(set! rawName "ouya_icon.png")
and this for banner (the name here is just a personal preference)
(set! newName (string-append folder "/drawable-xhdpi/banner.png"))
(set! rawName "banner.png")
Thanks again!
Re: GIMP script for creating Android icons at once
Dear Wildy,ouya and banner icons are completly different icons then standard android icons, and many of standard options don't apply to them, so I decided to write new script for you:

Installation procedure is the same as for the first script.
Re: GIMP script for creating Android icons at once
ouya_icon and banner both are 1.777777777777778 aspect ratio. I usually start with a 720p or 1080p bitmap maybe it would be possible to check for the correct aspect ratio before offering that option? Or before converting the bitmaps?
Thanks for the other fix though, it'll also save me a bit of manual renaming.
Re: GIMP script for creating Android icons at once
Dear Wildy,
ouya_icon and android TV banner are not icons with equeal hight and width, so it will be hard to decide which part of the image to use for creating this icons. Maybe you can use custom MDPi widht/height for this purpose?

Leaving out _ in the nameprefix when the name itself is empty can be done.
Re: GIMP script for creating Android icons at once
Would it also be possible to leave out the _ in the namepreffix if the name itself is empty? Thanks.