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Anonymous 4/18/2014

Great app! <br />It would be very useful to me if support for dual sim phones is added, i.e. choice of sending SMS from secondary or primary sim card.

Goran Siric 4/29/2014

I am sorry that I must inform you that there is no support by android API for selecting primary or secondary SIM on dual sim phones. SMS is allways sent using primary sim card.

Anonymous 9/9/2015

Hi, <br />I really like your app. But I don't like the advertisement page that now constantly appears. <br />Could you provide a pay-version of your app without commercials?<br />Thanks, <br />Peter

Goran Siric 9/11/2015

Dear Peter,<br /><br />currently I cannot provide you version without commercials, according to Google Merchant supported countries.<br /><br /><br />

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