Parking SMS Scheduler

Parking SMS Scheduler is Andorid application for paying parking over SMS messages. Application is primary designed to be used in Croatia but can be easily used in other countries if they have similar system for paying parking over SMS messages.

With Parking SMS Scheduler you can schedule your parking SMS message to be sent at any time in future. Also you can set  how long you want to park your car and all SMS messages will be sent automatically when it's needed.

You can download parking zones for your city from the internet. If you can't find your city in the cites list,  you can define parking zones for your city on your own. If you want, you can upload that definition of parking zones to the internet so they become available to other peoples.

Also you can enter unlimited number of vehicles for which parking SMS message can be sent.



Permission needed:

Send and receive SMS messages – for sending parking SMS messages
Location service – for offering correct city
Full Internet Access – for upload and download parking zones data
Boot completed event – for rescheduling SMS messages after reboot

Parking SMS Sceduler - Privacy policy



Check out list of cities where you can pay parking with Parking SMS Scheduler

Please feel free to leave comments about cities list, parking zones or Parking SMS Scheduler

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