Connecting to localhost web server from android application

by Goran Siric on Monday, December 12, 2011 11:24 AM

To allow your application to connect to the internet first you need to do is to modify AndroidManifest.xml file to request INTERNET permission for your application.

To do this open AndroidManifest.xml file and add following line if not exists:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>

To connect to your local web server (localhost), you must use IP address of your computer instead of localhost keyword or IP address. That's it because IP address is internally used by android emulator or your android device.

Somewhere I found that you can use IP adress to connect to your local web server. I tried it but this not work for me. I think that this depends of type of web server you have installed.

If you want to know more about connecting to the Internet from Android application you can read my blog entry: Android application and the Internet

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Anonymous 2/20/2012

Great information you got here. I've been reading about this topic for one week now for my papers in school and thank God I found it here in your blog. I had a great time reading this.

Anonymous 7/8/2012

I can't connect to your entry Android application and the Internet

Anonymous 7/8/2012

I saw your entry& thanks for ur info

Anonymous 11/26/2012

The correct IP address to use to talk to the host running the emulator is I've abstracted communication with a webserver in my app behind this little nugget:<br /><br />public static boolean isEmulator() <br />{<br /> if (isDebug == null)<br /> {<br /> isDebug = "google_sdk".equals(Build.PRODUCT) || <br /> "sdk".equals(Build.PRODUCT);<br /> }<br /> return isDebug;<br />}<br /> <br />public static String getServerUrl()<br />{<br /> return (isEmulator() ? Constants.SERVER_URL_TEST : Constants.SERVER_URL_PUBLIC);<br />}<br />

Anonymous 2/25/2016 me

Anonymous 2/25/2016

we are created one android app<br />this application should display marks of attendace stored in website,<br />so how to retrieve marks from my app<br />plz.. help me

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