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Oct 10

Written by: Goran Siric
10/10/2011 9:36 AM  RssIcon

If you are new to Android it is good to know that there are some default icons in Android you can use in your own applications. 

There are two ways you can use them in your application:

1. You can use them in your code or in your XML layouts using android.R.drawable class.
2. You can make local copies of standard Android resources and use them in your projects

Example of using android resources with android.R.drawabale class


or in XML layout:


If you want to make local copy of any resource go to folder where Android SDK is installed. On my system it is C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk. Here you will se \platforms subfolder which contain one subfolder for each anroid platform version (\android-3, \android-4, \android-7, etc). Each android platform versions folder contain \data\res subfolder from which you can make local copy of resources.

According to Android Icon Design Guidelines it is better to make local copy of resources because resources can change between platform version. In that way you can maintain control over the appearance of your icons, even if the system's copy changes

Here are some useful pages where you can see default android icons and its resource identifiers.

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Re: Creating Android button with image and text using relative layout
This suresh i want to know how to write code for image cum text buttons in android and also it should be in round shape.could you please explain about this.
Re: GIMP script for creating Android icons at once
is it possible that you don't have any active image?
You must have working image to have items enabled.
Re: GIMP script for creating Android icons at once
I'm using 2.8.14 and copied script to folder that described in pdf document. Save Android Icons menu item appeared in right place but it disabled. Any workaround?
Re: GIMP script for creating Android icons at once
Hey Leonidthanks for your code for creating folders.This is always problem when someone don't read documentation.
I will update script on this page too in next few days.
Re: GIMP script for creating Android icons at once
Sorry for spamming J

skipped it at first, but then found in one of the comments above a link to a github repository with the code. Have contributed with this pull request. Please see it for a small bugfix to my original post above (missing python import will crash the code if the directories exist). Plus the windows compatibility issue by using a platform dependent DIR-SEPARATOR.